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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here we go....Take Care

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So...Why Take Care?
My good friend Adrienne sends everyone off, rather it's by phone or in person, with "Take Care". After hearing her say this to her husband at the end of a phone call, I asked her why she always said that instead of something like "I love you" or Talk to you later". Her answer made so much sense I don't know why we don't all say it.
She told me "You might not always feel like like telling someone "I love you", but you want them to be safe and to take care. This way you pass that along without saying something you may not be really feeling at the moment."
Holy Cow! How on is that? I highly recommend starting this or some such derivative with all new relationships. How many times have we not felt like saying "I love you" only to have that person say "What, no I love you?" Then you are forced to say something you may not feel like saying.
I personally like Be Safe, and end most of my e-mails to my agents that way, however it sounds much less personal than Take Care.
So to everyone who might read this...Take Care/Be Safe! 0;-)
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